Tuesday, June 28, 2011

special occasion word art

at risk of the recipients seeing this before they receive it (i really don't think they follow my blog just yet...) i really wanted to post this picture of one of my latest creations. a personalized wedding announcement.

the groom is a friend of mine. we met when he was serving a mission in UK. (he's in a video on my facebook page taking an axe to an old TV. squealed like a girl. not me... him) anyway, since i like homemade gifts so much, i wanted to make something really special for them, so i came up with this wedding announcement. i thought it turned out really great. it took me forever to get that graphic of the SL Temple in there. i looked all over the internet looking for a graphic and not a photo. i ended up scanning this image, and photoshopping A LOT to get it to look just right. but it looks great!

anyway, i've decided to see just how well this kind of item might do on etsy.com, so go check it out! to look at the listing click here. and if you'd like me to make you one, just email me and we'll sort it out!

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