Tuesday, October 18, 2011

working "on the fly"

i'm having serious sewing withdrawls. all this packing and sitting waiting for our house to close is getting a little frustrating. there is definitely no room to break out the sewing machine in our boxed up apartment, so i started a new, easier to manage project which i can pack up in an instant - a new afghan!

i thought i'd post a few pictures to prove that i'm working on something but yes, i do really miss my sewing machine!

this afghan is from Lion Brand Yarn. i love their free projects! this one is called the Nature in Natural Afghan. it uses chunkier yarn than i normally work with, so it's coming along really fast.

i've already earmarked this afghan for a special purpose, which we'll have to wait and watch come to fruition...

our closing day should be tomorrow, which means this weekend is moving weekend!! i'm over the moon to be a homeowner, and to have my own creative space, at last. fun things are happening!

hopefully i'll be back to sewing very soon. i've been so inspired by a lot of blogs lately...

Also, today is my brother's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! he's getting too close to 30 for comfort... that means i'm close behind! he, and my lil sister, are coming to visit next week - we haven't seen each other since my wedding 3 and a half years ago! i can't believe it's been that long. we've got a lot of catching up to do.