Friday, June 17, 2011

diaper cake baby shower gifts

i was commissioned by my mother-in-law to make some diaper cakes for a double baby shower in honour of the hubby's cousins, who are both due in September. i don't like to post gift pictures before the receiver gets it, so since the baby shower was a couple of days ago, i think i'm safe... anyway, here's what i made along with another plug for my Etsy shop at which you can see some of my other creations.

i made this one for Tiffany (both cousins are having boys, so i had to make them a little different). i love the blue/green/yellow combo, and hope she does too!

i have to say i'm quite partial to Meri's though. the reason? I LOVE GIRAFFES!!! this toy topper is so cute, i almost wanted to keep it for myself. i think when i have a girl or boy, giraffes will be my decoration/toy of choice for him/her. both cakes turned out really well.

i also have a baby shower tomorrow for another boy due in several weeks. i wonder what i'll bring?!... ;)

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