Thursday, June 30, 2011

i'm in pure euphoria

i've succumbed to my addiction. i've been drooling over this fabric set for a while now, and well, i had to have it. it arrived yesterday, and i'm so happy! (please don't judge me Ange. i'm sure you'll like it too because there's turquoise there!!) but from this point, i solemnly vow to not buy fabric willy-nilly, but that i will only buy it when sufficient funding is in the newly established fabric fund. it's the only way to get my addiction under control... that being said:

i've been wanting to work with some top quality fabrics, like the moda line, for while. they are just awesome! but i'm also in love with sweetwater. they design such cool stuff. i really like their 'hometown' fabric, which they're just getting released. so this particular set 'pure' is by sweetwater, and i love it!

and the reason why i love it is because of the colours. lovely browns, and blues and neutrals. they speak to my heart.

and i love the words they designed with. it makes me happy to see and read these kinds of words. words are powerful and can help to change a mood; for the good or the bad. i'd like to surround myself with good, uplifting words. and i think this fabric will help me to do it.

the husband has actually had some input as to what i'll be making with this. that is huge. HUGE! i picked out a couple of quilt possibilities, and one of them really jumped out to him. so that's the one i'll be making. watch this space for the final product!

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