Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a break from quilting...

here's a little look at something i made yesterday:

i like the kind of projects that can be finished in one day. i tried to take some cool pictures of said project, but they turned out to be very rubbish. i hate the lighting in my apartment. even on a bright day i can never get great pictures. urgh! i can't wait to move out of here. now, before i get settled into a good ol' rant, i'll stop myself. negative thoughts and bad energy are not good for the soul. *sigh* okay, i'm good...

i shall take some better pictures tomorrow and reveal to you my awesome new friend. :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

sneaky peek

i've been working on my newest quilt project... i worked so hard all day yesterday preparing these pieces. this quilt will be my first tutorial, so i've been snapping pictures all along the way. i thought it'd be fun to post a little sneak peek at what's coming.

clue: this quilt will include one of my favourite hobbies/interests... in fact this 'pinwheel' looks very similar to a moving part in said interesting object. say, a propeller...? OH! i've said too much! hopefully i'll have this baby done soon, so check back. :D

P.S. this is also the amazing project in which i'll be using my very first jelly roll (see a couple postings below). i'm very excited!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Picnic Quilt

for my birthday, i treated myself to my first fabric precuts from moda. i was desperate to get my hands on some moda. anyway, i recently discovered green fairy quilts and their online store, and it just so happened that they had a sale on around my birthday. so for the price of one 'charm pack' i got two! :)

Grand Finale seemed like a great choice. my kind of colours! i love these autumnal shades, and the blue and purple thrown in. they looked awesome!

i also came across this pattern on the moda bakeshop website, so i cut a few more 5" x 5" squares from my own stash to fill in the necessary gaps, et voila! a beautiful quilt.

[apologies for the rubbish picture above. my camera choice wasn't optimal and i have limited space to get a good angle...]

it's not quite large enough to put on a bed, nor is it small enough to have on a child's bed, so it's going to be my picnic/general use quilt. it's perfect because it's just what i imagine a typical american quilt to look like. anywho, it's yet to be quilted... it'll be a little while til that happens, so i decided to post this picture now. better pictures to come when it's finished!

i'm one happy chick today! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

My First Jelly Roll!

here's my very first 'jelly roll'. i'm excited for the fact that this is already cut into strips, so i'm not struggling on my little cutting mat & table. :) i was given a gift card to Joann Fabric & Crafts for my birthday (thanks Laura! you know me well...), so i bought some batting to finish a project (photos of that one coming later!) and this little gem:

a nice juicy roll of several different fabrics in a cool bluey/green hue.

i have a few ideas of what i'll make with this one. i'm still mulling over the choices...

rest assured, it's going to be awesome!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

new blog

in my search for a new blog name, i came across a lot of blogs which had been started, had one or two postings, then quickly abandoned. i felt a little sad that they're hogging awesome blog names that i wanted, but i'm happy i found one i can work with.

instead of blogging about my crafts and other various projects on my family website, i decided to make a dedicated blog for my creative outlet. i love making things by hand. i'll often come home from the store, not having bought anything, yet inspired to make my own version of something i've seen. so that's what i'll be doing here.

i promise not to post once or twice, then abandon you. i'll be here for quite a while...