Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i love dolls!!

well, here it is... my newest sewing friend:

this is my first real attempt at embroidery, and it was really fun, and easy (so far!). this design comes from another awesome blog, Melly & Me. i LOVE LOVE LOVE their cute stuffed toys! i may have to indulge myself and buy their latest new book. too bad it's not out yet to buy in the US, and they are based in Australia... :(

anyway, this cute 'stuffie' is called a Kokeshi Stuffie. and can be found here. it's a free design on Melly & Me's blog.

i'm feeling really inspired from this beautiful, simple design. i don't think it would be too difficult to design some other nationality dolls... before you know it, i'll have a nice collection of these guys in a range of different colours.

it was nice to take a break from quilt sewing for a while. and i have a cute little doll to show for it. :)

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hello. said...

this is adorable!! nice job :)