Thursday, June 23, 2011

embroidery quilt-along

i've started another quilt-along. i just can't help myself! this one is exciting though: it combines embroidery with quilt piecing. yay! if you're interested in this one, click here or click on the embroidery 101 by Clover & Violet over there to the right -->

so i started a little later than most but still made my first block on time. i love the little embroidery pictures we get to do. i'm excited to see what we do next...

it was suggested we make three blocks at one time using three different fat quarters, so i pulled some fabric out of my box and came up with these. i'm not sure that i would have put these fabrics together in any other project than this, and i'm surprised that they seem to work together.

and here's my third block (still waiting for the next couple of embroidery patterns to work on these guys!)

and here's how they all fit together. whoever thought of this trio pattern was a genius!

so this quilt along (QAL) will have 9 blocks total, so now i have to try and pick out my next three fabric choices that will work together not only with themselves, but with these guys too. but that's for another day.

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Tiffany said...

Hey cool that you are doing this QAL too! I am hoping to start my embroidery next week... or at least get my squares made by then. I didnt have any embroidery thread and ordered a bunch so hopefully that will get here soon. I'm not very good at embroidery so i was hoping this QAL would remedy that. If the first one is too bad, I'll either scrap it or just make a pillow and be done with the project tho haha.

How cool will it be to have a handmade, quilted & embroidered quilt to give to someone or pass on to family tho... very cool ;-)