Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new bag

i'm trying to be more creative and to come up with my own patterns, but sometimes, i just like the things that i see. i saw this Ava Bag on my blogging adventures, and thought it looked easy enough to make without buying a pattern... (i'm such a skinflint!)

it has three pockets on the front, and none inside. i don't know if the real pattern does, but i thought it was small enough to not have any. i chose a flowery fabric for the inside, which i'm sure the sister just loves.

and i added a little loop to attach my keys to. they are the only thing i'm usually delving around in my bag looking for.

i think i'm pretty skilled in making stuff, but i'm still working on the creativity part. i'll get there one day... i should be like those people who replicate celebrity clothes/accessories. like the people who made a replica of Kate Middleton's wedding dress. i could so do that. coming up with the design myself: not so easy.

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