Saturday, June 4, 2011

a pair of jeans to a cool summer skirt

as i started editing these pictures on my computer, and writing this blog post, it's a little after 10am... and look what i whipped up already!

from this....

to this!

i just can't throw away jeans. nope. i just can't do it. so, instead of waving goodbye, i just transform them into something else. remember my denim baby quilt/throw? it's on my other blog... i feel like denim is such a great fabric for all kinds of things, and i can't let that leave my home without trying to make it into something - except really dirty, gross denim... that's free to leave. anyway, i thought i'd share that little creation with you.

i'm working on putting together a little tutorial on how to transform your old jeans into a brand new (old) skirt, so watch out for that! :) i think i want to have all my tutorials in .pdf form, but we'll see if that actually happens!

EDIT UPDATE: apparently, i'm unable to upload pdfs into, so i won't be posting it here. if you would like the pdf you're welcome to email me, or leave a comment and i'll email it to you. :D


AdeleSews said...

I love it! Recycling is great. What about some embellishment Lindsay style?

Lindsay said...

yeah, i might just do that... i have that worn out knee hole to fix too!