Friday, June 24, 2011

addicted to sewing

hello. my name is Lindsay and i'm an addict. if there's such a thing as a sewaholic, i'm one of them. i just can't get enough of it, and while i'm sewing, i get so much satisfaction and a natural high. but sometimes i say to myself; i don't need to sew today. i'll take a break. but then, i find myself on the floor in the corner of my living room getting some quick sewing in before i do the usual chores. that's right. i was sewing in the floor, with my sewing machine. have you ever tried that?! anyway...

i'm making this awesome yellow and blue quilt for my youngest sister. it was going to be a surprise, but i needed to ask her some important questions to make absolutely sure she's like it, so i brought it out to show her. of course she loves it. so just to keep her hangin', here's a sneaky picture.

it's also week two of the We Can Do It Sampler quilt along. this week we pieced together some nine patches. i have to say, these are some of the most perfect nine patches i've ever quilted.

look at them!! and look how the corners match up perfectly!


okay, it came out just shy of the 12.5" square that it was supposed to be, but my 1/4" seams are getting better and more accurate. :D

and finally, look what the mailman brought me several days ago:

i had bought this book weeks ago on pre-order, and the store i bought it from finally got their shipment from the distributer... and now i'm a happy owner of Fresh Fabric Treats. i'm excited to make some of these patterns - especially the messenger bag and laptop case! woo!

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A.J. Dub. said...

I love your fabrics! Very nice piecing too. I had intended to do mine tonight, but got sucked into blogland. :)