Thursday, June 30, 2011

finally finished!

so my sister came to visit us last summer/autumn, and we decided together to sew some little bags. we worked on hers, then for some reason, didn't quite finish mine. then she went home with her bag, and i still had mine in the works. i just put it aside until now. i have no idea why i didn't finish this sooner... and i only did it in an evening. ah well. here it is now!

my sister picked out the fabric, and i think it's just her. i really liked it too though, so it was a win/win!

my favourite thing about this bag are the pleats. i LOVE pleats, but i'm pretty much scared of working them into things that i make. but it seemed to work out well this time. am i less scared of them now? no. i think i'll always be scared because they are just hard to fix if you get it wrong!

we chose a beautiful brown polka dot fabric for the inside. i LOVE IT! we sewed a little pocket inside for that stash of gum, or whatever...

and here it is all working together. i love the oversized button as an embellishment. i think it brings the whole thing together. yup. i like this bag. now to convince the husband that it's okay for me to make bags. it means he doesn't have to buy any for me ever again!

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