Monday, September 26, 2011


i can't believe it's been this long since i blogged. seriously didn't see this coming! i've really missed sewing lately... school is hard this semester; i'm taking classes with lots of reading that i'm not used to. i'm a scientist doing business classes. it's hard! anyway, it's a lot of fun and i'm learning a ton, so it's satisfying.

also, the hubs and i are about to close on our first house! that's obviously taking a lot of my time. we should be moving in just a few weeks, so i'm sad (and happy!) to say that my sewing stuff has been packed up. i just can't sew when i'm in this feeling of limbo, so i'm putting it off for a while.

but i'm still following my favourite blogs. look what i came across from Green Fairy Quilts:

isn't that just amazing?! holy cow!! such an acheivement. okay, i'm going to say it. i would LOVE to make one of these one day. and i have an ambition to make a whole quilt by hand (maybe not the quilting... we'll see!) and i think i may get inspiration from this one. i love how it's so colourful and not one block is the same. a quilt like this is priceless! yeah, so check back in 10 years to see if i've actually done it...

i also got my hands on some of this fabric:

i found it a while ago... it's so enchanting. i found some inspiration for what i'm going to make out of this one, but it'll have to wait for a few more weeks. i'm very excited!! my favourite are those buildings and the people, or "1001 peeps"!!

hopefully it won't take me a month to post again, but i can't promise anything! i miss blogland, but i'm too excited for my house right now!!! EEEK!