Saturday, January 14, 2012

a little fabric competition

you've got to be in it to win it, right? i came across this blogger's competition (scroll down a couple of entries) at the final hour... so i zipped through and tried to select my custom bundle of fabric. i'm really drawn to these colours and patterns as of late:

it sort of reminds me of a hot summer day, dreaming of laying on the beach. yup! any quilt made with these would keep me scrumptiously warm. :)

there were SO MANY different/possible colour combinations/themes i thought of, but i've got to keep it 'me'...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

one little word

i've decided to embark on the one little word challenge. and my word for 2012 is...

there are many reasons why i chose this word. the main one, though, on my mind is being prepared for any disaster/unexpected emergency etc. i'm thinking 72-hour kits, emergency fund, food storage... this year, i want to be more ready.

but when i think one step further, there are lots of other things to be ready for. mentally. spiritually. physically. life changes. i think i've always been of the mind that whatever comes, i can handle. but i don't want to just handle it. i want to be ready.

so here it is. my word for the year. i'm looking forward to welcoming this word into my life and hopefully making it a permanent feature!

in celebration and anticipation of this year, and hopefully to make me want to write about it, i bought myself a beautiful fountain pen. it was a little pricy (a little over $20, but not exceeding $50!) but worth it! it writes wonderfully, and i even feel a little classier just writing with it.

now, i'm ready.