Thursday, March 29, 2012

if your name is Renee, DON'T READ THIS! :P

that was meant for my sister-in-law... she's about to have a baby any day now, and i've made a little something for her little tyke. i'm not sure if she even reads this blog that much, which is why i'm writing about it now. if i don't blog about my finishes when they happen, i'm likely to forget about it later. but first, i couldn't resist buying this yard of fabric when i saw it on etsy:

if you know me, i'm plane crazy (not to be confused with "plain crazy"! which arguably could be true as well...) i even studied at the University of Leeds for two years in their Aviation Technology program, and took flying lessons. long story short, without going into too much detail, i ran out of funding, and had to pursue my flying dreams via a different route. in any case, what would be more attractive to a fabric obsessed aviator? airplane fabric, of course! :) i'm conjuring up all kinds of things for this beauty.

also, i grabbed some of this when i found it on sale for only $3.50 for a half yard.

i thought it looked very cute, and might make a little girl very happy one day...

so onto my major finish for this week:

i found this tutorial on moda bake shop, and thought it would be the perfect baby quilt for my newest nephew. i had a bunch of charm squares left over from my investment purchase of Pure by Sweetwater. i LOVE these fabrics. i hope my sister-in-law and baby will enjoy it as much as i do! :)

i purchased some additional brown fabric from JoAnn to complete the border and word appliques. it fit so well with the charm squares.

i deviated from the tutorial a little and kept the lettering in the same font, and i moved them in toward the center some more. i quilted using a simple meandering design, with loops on the borders.

i love that one word sticks out at you when folded in quarters. you can see a peek at the backing fabric i used. after i had picked this out, i asked my mother-in-law what the colours would be for baby. she said baby blue, lime green and darker green. although i already started the top and had a feeling it wouldn't be 'the colours' i was surprised that i got fabric for the backing that would match. i think it all came together pretty well in the end. i really hope she likes it.


Megan said...

So cute, Lindsay! I'm sure she'll love it!

annemarie said...

Love this blanket colors are so pretty.