Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winner of the Pure fabric

thank you to all those who took part in my giveaway. i didn't expect to see so many poems! and i loved reading them all. i wish you could all get a prize...

but nevertheless, there can be only one winner. first, i'd like to give an honorable mention to:

Lisa Marie's poem was my favourite. i like how she incorporated descriptions of the fabric in her poem. very nice. you'll be getting a little something too for your efforts!

but the true, lucky winner is number...

congratulations to:

her poem was one of my favourites too. well done, and congratulations being number 9! i've emailed you already, so get back to me when you can.

yay for another winner!

also, my apologies for being late on day three's post today. i still have a little work to do before i get to it, so hang in there! thanks for reading!


Lisa Cox said...

Thank you so much!
And well done, Lisa Marie.

annemarie said...

Congrats to Lisa - I know she will love the fabric.