Saturday, March 31, 2012

another finish

i'm on a roll! actually, this is a start and finish in three days. it could have taken a shorter amount of time, but tonnes of chores which i've been neglecting really needed to be done this week...

i saw this post by Canoe Ridge Creations (with which blog i've fallen in love!), and REALLY wanted one for myself. so i set to work. i'm not entirely in love with the final product though. :( i LOVE my idaho embroidery block, and the borders, but that brown fabric and the quilting is not right. it was the only solid i had which matched what i was going for, but it's of inferior quality. i could kill myself. that'll teach me for compromising fabric standards! but the more i look at it, the more i see ways i can improve, and i'm still glad i made it.

the scrappy borders are made from left over Hometown fabric i bought for my placemats. the bluish colour fits in with my new living room colour scheme, as does the brown - so i intended to hang it there. we'll see though, if i don't end up making an entirely new one that i'm more happy with!

the hubs and i lived in boise for two years, and recently bought a home just outside our capital. so the heart not only is placed at the capital, but also represents where we live. :) and i love that i could find my town in one of the scrappy blocks used in the border. idaho falls also has special meaning to us as that's where we were married. :D

i feel like i'm still in that creative place where i'm imitating others' work. i think i'm still skill building and just finding my true creativeness. i'm getting there! i'm gradually branching out and experimenting with my own ideas, and i'm excited to be able to create something new. some things, though, i just have to have when i see it. this is one of them.

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