Sunday, March 11, 2012

day nine and ten...

in an effort to get caught up with my giveaways, i'm going to combine two into one post.

have any of you knitters out there heard of Jean Greenhowe and her designs? they are too gorgeous!

you may have seen this guy in some of my past projects... i made him and entered him into the fair and he won a ribbon! :)

i also finished the Mr and Mrs Claus just in time for christmas. Jean has many books out in lots of different themes. she even has some free patterns on her website! seriously, after these, you'll be hooked! her patterns are so easy to understand, and the booklets are beautifully illustrated. i started making things from her patterns when i was about 12 years old and living in the UK, but i know they are still around and can be bought from American based retailers, and wholesale in Mexico and Australia.

one of my favourites of her patterns is from the Little Gift Dolls booklet.

they are so quick and easy, you could make one up in a weekend or two. last year, i wanted to knit up a st patrick's day themed doll. so i turned to the little gift dolls pattern. i used the pattern for the little groom:

and instead i used various green yarns to come up with my little irish leprechaun!

isn't he cute?! i love him! he's living happily on my mantle until SPD is over... then he'll go to one of my lucky readers! that's right, he's today's giveaway. :)

along with mr. leprechaun, i'm going to be giving away three skeins of yarn - one dark green, one lighter green, and one flesh coloured for you to make your own leprechaun guy.

so, that's two prizes.

i will hold two seperate drawings for these, and if you'd like to be entered, just comment below! you can enter for either prize, or both. i know not everyone would particularly like the yarn (but i know i would!)...

this giveaway will close on 17th march, with winners announced on 18th. good luck!


Lisa Cox said...

The little leprechaun is so cute!!!
I would love to win either one. I have never knitted, but this would be so cute to learn on!

Thank you!

ang :o) said...

he's adorable! well done!

annemarie said...

Darling leprechaun - I would love to win either prize - thanks for the generous giveaway.

Megan said...

That leprechaun is SO cute! I'd love to win him. Since I don't knit, the yarn would have to become a crochet project instead, but I'll opt out of that giveaway this time. Thanks!

Lynn said...

count me in, thanks!

Kathrynn said...

He's so cute, good work. I would love to win either one of the giveaways

Gill said...

I would love to win either!

hueisei said...

So cute!! I loved him..:)
I loved crochet too. I loved to win either one. Thanks!