Sunday, March 18, 2012

until next year...

st patrick's day that is. it's been fun preparing, and doing a massive giveaway/freebie blog event. i hope you've enjoyed it. i've learned a lot on the way. thank you to all my generous participants for supplying some items to giveaway. and thank you followers for playing along.

before i announce some more winners, i thought i'd share my party spread with you. check this out!

under the foil is the potato bread, and hamburgers and hotdogs sit under the other. missing from the picture is a batch of lovely caramel shortbread (which was housed in the fridge), and some delicious sausage rolls (being kept warm in the oven). i also made a HUGE batch of my momma's irish stew which was sitting in a massive borrowed pot being warmed by two stove burner rings. yep two. :)

i used my SPD printables to dress up the cupcakes a little. they look so fun!

and i had my little leprechaun guy guard his pot of chocolate gold coins. he's so cute! and that brings me onto one of the giveaway announcements... he gets a new home and goes to:

woohoo! congrats ang. he's going to a great home.

and the winner of the Windy City Novelties $20 gift certificate is:

congrats Lee. we'll be in touch soon.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend. stay tuned to my blog for more awesome tutorials coming up and a giveaway or two. ;)

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annemarie said...

Hope you had a great ST. Pats day - your spread looks yummy!