Friday, March 30, 2012

finally finished

i FINALLY got round to finishing my placemats that i started last summer. ugh. i'm not usually that bad. anyway, all i've had to do for a while is get some binding and sew it on. i didn't have enough coordinating fabric to do it til now. truthfully, i haven't even looked at buying it til now. since it's spring break for me this week, i thought: no excuses! get it done!

it only really took me two days to get them completed, once i got into the mode...

and, of course, they look super scrumptious once washed and dried. :)

i wasn't a huge fan of the back until i washed em. i was wishing i used a red fabric, but now with the binding on, and red thread, i'm really liking them.

et voila! finished. i'm so happy they're off my "to do" pile. (excuse the GROSSNESS of my living room carpet! it's raining, so i couldn't go outside, and we have yet to replace the ugly brown carpet in our new house...)

it feels good to complete a project! it means i can start on a new one, right? :)

i also got a lovely surprise package today from my Wild Olive Stitch Swap partner. Woo!

Dana sent some lovely goodies to me. those Godiva chocolate strawberries almost didn't make it into the picture... i was sure to eat them up before my hubby got up from sleeping. who am i kidding?! he doesn't even like strawberries. i've just been chocolate deficient for a few days now.

this was her first hoop stitch - and she did awesome! great job, and thank you for the loveliness! :) i shall hang it with pride in my crafting room.

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annemarie said...

Love the placemats!