Saturday, August 20, 2011

fair results

okay. first things first, right? let's pick a winner of the St Patrick's Day giveaway... here it is:

and no. 7 was:

congratulations annemarie! you have the same name as my little sister! and it looks like you have the Irish luck... please email me your address information to lindsayladwig(at)gmail(dot)com and i'll have your prize out to you pronto.

now onto more prizes...

i'm so happy to report that all four of my items entered at the state fair won a ribbon of some sort. my afghan took first prize in its class as well as two other awards. i couldn't believe my eyes!

this afghan seemed to take the longest time to complete. i started it around last summer, i believe around the time when my sister was visiting. i loved the look of this right away, so i gave it a try - it's my very first attempt at cable knitting. i love how the tree branches seem to intertwine around each other.

then the border is made up of leaves sprouting out from the blanket. these are what seemed to last forever! but it really makes the whole thing look beautiful. i love this blanket more and more as i stare at it. i'm not sure if i'll make another like it, so it might just be a one of a kind in this household. i finished it near the beginning of the year - probably just before i started this blog. hence, no posting about it.

anyway, back to the fair... my knitted scarecrow also won a first prize ribbon in the knitted dolls category. yay!

my quilt was hanging way up high (and i'm kinda glad because it's so white) and was awarded a third place ribbon in its class.

one of my favourite quilts that i saw in the whole fair was this dragon appliqued quilt. don't those dragons look great? it won a best of division award of some kind. it totally deserved it.

the samurai cross stitch that i made for my brother took a second place ribbon. i wanted this item to win something most of all so that my brother could say he has an award winning piece of art. :D

cross stitching takes such a long time, so it's not my most favourite craft to be working on, but i love some of the results. i thought this Noah's Ark piece was beautiful.

and i really like the map of Oregon... (i'm now looking to find a UK map/Ireland map in the same style - anyone know where i could find one?)

the hubby and i loved this cake. super gory, complete with eyeballs and intestines hanging out!

i absolutely love the folds in this cake. especially that bottom layer. i wonder how long it took to do. it looks like a lot of work!

we also got to see a medieval show complete with sword fighting and jousting. it was pretty awesome, but the accents were BAD!

here's my favourite picture from the whole day. i was trying out my panning technique. not too bad for a novice panner. he looks great.

we had a very enjoyable day at the fair. now i'm already thinking of what to make for next year's fair to top this one!


annemarie said...

Thank you - am excited to be your winner - I have already emailed you. Congrats on your great showing at the fair!

Megan said...

Wow, Lindsay! I am getting more & more amazed as I read back through your blog! Congratulations on your several fair awards. That afghan is gorgeous! I love cream-on-cream and white-on-white handwork like that. So lovely!