Wednesday, July 27, 2011

more catching up

i think i'm up to date with my quilt alongs. this is my third embroidery block which i finished up last night, but it got too dark to take pictures... (i probably should have ironed out the hoop creases, but i'm feeling lazy this morning) check out Clover & Violet's quilt along.

i wasn't sure if i was doing the stem stitch correctly/particularly well. i do like the jagged edging it gave to my leaf, but it still needs refining to make it smoother.

i actually got to liking the lazy daisies by the end. i didn't like them to begin with, but maybe that's because i wasn't that great at doing them. now i don't mind them so much. don't my little flowers look great?!

i'm looking forward to pattern four and learning/practicing more stitches. :D

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