Saturday, July 9, 2011

favourite things

this week i went to a 'favourite things' summer party. it was supposed to be a pool party, but the rain threatened, and never really came... long story and i'm a bit miffed, but whatever! it was a lovely party though, and i got to have nice chats with people i don't often spend a lot of time with. anyway, we were all to bring three of our favourite things:
  1. our favourite dish to share. could be sweet or savoury. i brought homemade english sausage rolls. yyyuuuummmmmmmm!
  2. a favourite thing about us to share. i brought my flight maps and logbook. i LOVE to fly!
  3. a favourite thing to give away. (white elephant style!) since i love to sew, i made a small, cute MUG RUG!!
so i whipped up this cute lil mug rug from scraps i had leftover from various recent projects i've had going on.

here's some detail from a different angle. i really love that red flowery fabric in the corner.

and i just quilted in straight lines. it kinda has a random feel to it. i just quilted where i felt like it!

and to complete the gift, i added a packet of hot chocolate (i know! weird gift for a summer party...) and a plain white mug.

it almost makes me feel ready for winter. almost.

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