Friday, July 1, 2011

4th july craft

i suppose i'm starting a new tradition. last year, around this time, i finished stitching an American patriotic cross stitch sampler. it's really nice looking. and this year, as i've been getting a little more into embroidery, i found this simple pattern on another blog i follow: wild olive. there's a bunch more embroidery patterns/other cool printables on there.

all i know is that this is the liberty bell and it rang sometime important... and it cracked. we didn't really talk about this too much in my history class. but i remember it was on National Treasure, right momma? haha. i guess i should brush up on that history!

i sewed this pattern on a scrap of white duchess satin i had left over from my wedding dress material. i have a TON of it and am currently looking for cool projects to do with it. i still have to decide how to mount/frame/display this lovely little piece of embroidery art. i'm thinking i should stretch it over a canvas or something... anyway, we'll see what i come up with next year for my 4th July craft.

Yay for holiday weekends!

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