Monday, July 25, 2011

finished baby quilt

my sister-in-law is having another baby girl next month, so i decided to make a little gift for them. i've had this finished for a while, but didn't want to post it until i'd given it to her.

i saw this pattern on moda bake shop by Vanessa of V & Co. it's so pretty!! i'll probably end up making a lot of these for gifts...

i love the choice of words. just perfect for a new little baby!

i completed this one entirely by myself... quilting and all. i thought it wasn't such a big quilt, so i would try to handle it myself. it turned out excellent! and it didn't take as much time as i thought it would. it was quilted in just a couple of hours. it's given me the confidence to try and quilt my sister's bigger quilt. i'll still be a bit nervous, but i'm excited to get going on it. now, if only i had a big enough floor to pin it.

i love the wrinkles and crinkles the random meandering quilting makes. i forgot to take another picture of it after i washed it. it looked even more delectable! and i thought i'd throw in a picture of the fabric i used as a backing. the baby's colours are lime green and hot pink; i think this works perfectly!

one project down, another million to go! :)

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