Friday, February 24, 2012

Who wants some Sweetwater Pure fabric?

*** this giveaway is now closed. thanks to everyone who took part - you are amazing peots! ***

way back in June of last year, i blogged here about how much i was drooling over this fabric. i bought a whole fat quarter bundle which included all the fabrics in this collection. and i still love it so much!

this is what i started to make with it: the hubby's quilt. he loves it, but i still have to finish quilting it. maybe sometime this year... :)

then i thought, how can one enjoy a good thing without sharing it?... soooooo.... i'm going to give away a charm pack of this delicious fabric! interested? read on.

included in this charm pack are two squares of almost every fabric in this collection. i say almost because i used up one fat quarter entirely in a different project i was working on. so, that's 35 fabrics of two squares each: 70 squares of fabric. that's better than a charm pack!

isn't she gorgeous just sitting there awaiting her winner?

well, here's what you have to do:

simply leave a comment expressing how much you would really like to win this. i would really like to see some creative responses... poems are the best! ;) the winner will be selected by a random number generator. BUT the person with the most creative response may just win a little something too... just sayin'.

for an extra entry, blog about this giveaway, or facebook/twitter etc. just come back and let me know you did. one extra entry per media announcement!

giveaway will close at midnight (mountain time) March 2nd with the winner announced March 3rd. good luck!


coley said...

Oh great Lindsay, let me count the ways:

1. I did not know you blogged as well! We will have to chat!
2. I love quilting and creating things. That charm bundle looks perfect for one project I'm working on!
3. It is so kind of you to offer this giveaway!
4. I hope I win!
5. We both have a hubby with the same first name!
6. You wouldn't have to ship it, since we live fairly close!
7. You're just awesome!

coley said...

Oh, it's Nicole!

annemarie said...

I think that I shall never see, a piece of fabric that I do not need! Oh dear Sweetwater Pure, I do love you indeed! Together you and I will have lots of fun. We will not rest until our project is done.

Sian said...

my brain is fried, oh what shall I say?
please pick my number and send fabric my way :-)

Ella said...

I shall shimmy (I bellydance) out of pure devotion for this giveaway! Pick me. I jingle.

ang :o) said...

roses are red,
and that fabric is blue.
and brown and tan
and cream, it's true!

i love sweetwater,
the pattern's divine.
i could make magic
if it becomes mine!

thanks lindsay. i love your posts.

Jennie P. said...

Pure Icy Blues and velvety browns
Luscious caramels and whipped creams
This fabric occupies all of my dreams
I wish I could touch it, stitch it and quilt it
To win it would be pure happiness and excitement!

Anonymous said...

Want it
need it,
what can I say
other than
please send this gorgeous,
lonely but will have a good home
squares of woven loveliness way!
Grace:) weftandwarp(at)hotmail(dot)com

fenna said...

aaaah fabric, sweet, sweet fabric
I think I'm addicted to fabric....
To have an endless supply of fabric
If only, I had an endless supply of fabric
Lovely blues, pinks, and purple fabric
Browns, reds, greys, any color fabric!
Stripes, paisleys, and polka dot fabric
Flowers, cars, and animal fabric.
Yes, really, almost any fabric
Will do for my addiction: FABRIC!

Lisa Cox said...

Oh, Sweetwater Pure
Could you be the cure?
Those 70 squares
Are just full of dares.
Blues and browns
Guaranteed to remove frowns.
Oh, such pretty patterns
Even more gorgeous than Saturn.
Send this to me
And I'll go to a quilting bee.

charlotte said...

I love Sweetwater fabrics
Oh yes I do
I love them all
Yes it's so true
If I don't win them
I'm blue
Oh, Sweetwater I love you...

KOcanQuilt said...

Philippians 4:8

8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

I think of this verse whenever I see this line of fabric - PURE. Also, the meaning of my name is 'Pure One'. This fabric is certainly lovely and Sweetwater's work is admirable and praiseworthy. Thank you for the chance to win this. I love this fabric!

Gill said...

Did any artist ever bring more PURE joy to more people than Sweetwater? (with apologies to Jack Kroll!)

Diana said...

Oh I love the blues and browns
in your beautiful quilt for hubby.
I would love to also make one for mine,
if only I could find the time.
I have a shop where I sew for others,
and I so need to take time for me
and not just my fellow brothers.
This fabric would be a start
for me to stitch and sew,
leaving a piece of me
to the one who has my heart.

Thanks for the giveaway!
goldiez at hotmail dot com

Diana said...

goldiez at hotmail dot com

Diana said...

Shared with my friends on facebook as Diana Z.
goldiez at hotmail dot com

Pat V. said...

What pure delight, so many charms! These would make a wonderful quilt for a special little girl...

Lynn said...

ten thousand things bright
ten thousand miles, no dust
water and sky one color
houses shining along your road.

cheers and thanks for the giveaway!

Tara said...

i don't have anything clever to say,
for my mommy brain is tired today.
i'd love to win this lovely treat,
to sew up something awful neat.
please pick my sweet little diddy,
cause i find your blog super nifty.

taraz9 at excite dot com

Tannis said...

I am so not poetically inclined
for I am the most uncreative that you can find
some sweetwater fabric would brighten my day
I would love to sew something with it if I may!

tannis_z at excite dot com

Melinda said...

Fabric that's so PURE and sweet
Gets inspiration flowing.
It's almost good enough to eat!
Creative juices going.

What would I make? What would it be?
My mind is really spinning!
I shout out loud, "Pick me! Pick me!"
The thought has got me grinning!

Debbie F. said...

Playing with fabric is so much better, I think
then washing the dishes stacked up in my sink!
I love all the colors and patterns galore
more than the junk on the dishes of that other chore!
I hope I can when and add more to my stash
and then start on some project quick as a dash!
Dishes or quilting? What will it be?
I think it will be the fabric for me!

robin said...

Quick! I need a creative verse!
Come on, brain - grab a poem from your purse!
I s'pose it should rhyme, and be clever and new...
'Twould be best if it made a little sense, too.
But my creative genes are far too few!
I'm not Dr. Seuss, or Robert Frost!
I wonder how much a good poem would cost??
But I digress - it would only bring shame
if I used someone else's poem and then added MY name.
I guess these few lines will have to suffice.
If I won the Sweetwater goods, it would really be nice!

TammyP said...

I am going to play the honesty card
because when it comes to crafts, I find them quite hard!
Ask the hubby, I'm the queen of unfinished projects,
BUT, I promise this will not go into the the pile of rejects!
I'd love to learn from an English cutie down the lane
For it is a hobby I'd love to attain!

How's that? I'm not a poet either! But I'd love to win that beautiful fabric!!!

robin said...

I blogged about your giveaway:

robin said...

Tweeted about this:!/birdie00000/status/175342063397781505

Megan said...

Alas, at least 'tis clear to me
That much more creative poetry
Has already been submitted for you to see
Written by others and not by me.
But for such sweet fabrics already pre...
Cut (which is the best part, truly)
I'm willing to make a fool out of me
With this nonsensical little ditty. ;)

Mimi said...

Pure and beautiful
Stitching the pieces with care
Woven threads of love

Tiffany said...

I'm not creative at writing poetry! It's lovely fabric though ;)

Jennifer Gail said...

for sure:)

Marcia W. said...

Pure Sweet Water
We want fabric
To Make
A Pure-ly Handmade
Thanks for the chance to win these charms. I've never used Sweetwater fabrics and these are pretty. I have a quilt in mind too!

Beth said...

A quilt of Pure charms
with its fresh words and designs:
gift for mind and soul.

Lisa Marie said...

The fabrics called “Pure”
Sent from Purely Handmade,
Oh, if I should win
It would just make my day!

These fabrics have text
And ampersands too,
A visual delight
In brown, tan and blue.

Some prints have circles
Or argyle or swirls,
I’d sure like to use them,
To give them a whirl.

I wish I had bought them
When they first came out,
Because when you dally
You might just miss out!

But now you are offering
To give some away,
I think it’s fantastic,
So “Thank you!” I say.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Sweetwater Pure is sweet to the touch
Cause we are all wanting it so much

35 fabrics of two squares each
singlarly perfect, but twins make them a peach

Now what could you make with a single charm pack?
mini quilts, mug rugs, tote bags or sacks

Thank you dear Lindsay for your generous thought
We are all anxious to see if we win what you bought

Sallie said...

S end me
W hat
E veryone
E nvies -
T his
W onderful
A nd
T errifically
E xciting
R eal

Patty C. said...

Sweetwater fabric
Is truly the best

It stands so sweetly
above all the rest !!!!!!!

Count me in for the Giveaway ;)

Carla G said...

If I won this fabric,
I'd think it was so cool
that I wouldn't even drool.
I've never seen it
but online.
And I could sew it
into something devine.
It would turn into something
that is all mine.

Please add my name to the draw... sorry I'm so bad at making poems... Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful fabric! :)

Deb said...

Sweetwater, Sweetwater,
Lovely, dear Sweetwater,
From your head down to your feet,
There's nothing half so sweet,
As Sweetwater, Sweetwater, Sweet..

(With apologies to Barney Fife...LOL!)
I'd love to be entered.