Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Preparing for St Patrick's Day

in less than a month, we'll be celebrating St Patrick's Day. i've already started preparing... i have plans written up for my first truly awesome St Patrick's Day party. the hubs and i moved into our first home in november and i'm itching to throw a party. it's been a while.

as a full-blood irish lass, i feel it my right and privilege to hold this merry celebration in my home, and all who know me are invited! ;)

to commemorate this wonderful event, i will be holding a blog party right here! for seventeen days, beginning march 1st, i will write a post about this much celebrated culture along with a giveaway. that's right... seventeen giveaways in seventeen days. how excited are you now?!

some of the giveaways will be a prize for just one lucky winner. some giveaways will be freebies that everyone can enjoy. there will be a number of free tutorials, and plenty of inspiration from blogland and beyond to help you create your perfect St Patrick's Day themed party.

so mark your calendars, and invite your friends to join in.

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Lisa said...

Now that's a lovely idea. St. Patrick fall during our school systems spring holidays. Also is the day before my son's birthday, and is my Sister - in -laws birthday. I've already gotten my son's gifts (avid gardener. ) He has 3 new HOT pepper plants in varieties he didn't already have. However I'd love to be able to send my sister - in -law a cute purse in greens. Have been laying out fabrics today to make it. (She needs a pick me up.)
In the spirit of St. Patrick, I'm loving your give away idea. Also liking your page loads.