Thursday, January 5, 2012

one little word

i've decided to embark on the one little word challenge. and my word for 2012 is...

there are many reasons why i chose this word. the main one, though, on my mind is being prepared for any disaster/unexpected emergency etc. i'm thinking 72-hour kits, emergency fund, food storage... this year, i want to be more ready.

but when i think one step further, there are lots of other things to be ready for. mentally. spiritually. physically. life changes. i think i've always been of the mind that whatever comes, i can handle. but i don't want to just handle it. i want to be ready.

so here it is. my word for the year. i'm looking forward to welcoming this word into my life and hopefully making it a permanent feature!

in celebration and anticipation of this year, and hopefully to make me want to write about it, i bought myself a beautiful fountain pen. it was a little pricy (a little over $20, but not exceeding $50!) but worth it! it writes wonderfully, and i even feel a little classier just writing with it.

now, i'm ready.

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