Friday, January 6, 2012

pillow inspiration

just getting some ideas for pillow designs and colours that i like. i think i like too much!

1. Friendship blocks Pillow/Cushion, 2. PTS6 - the whole thing!, 3. Pillow Talk Swap Pillow - Finished!, 4. PIllow Talk Pillow Received, 5. Pillow talk {swap} received!, 6. PTS6 is done!, 7. PTS 6- Received!, 8. Woodland Pillow, 9. Pillow Talk Swap - RECEIVED!, 10. PTS6 Rec'd from Kristy at Love Old Houses, 11. And the back (!!!), 12. My PTS6 pillow! All the way from Australia!, 13. Pillow Talk Swap Received, 14. my beautiful pillow from Lindaki, 15. My PTS Pillow, 16. Mum & Dad's Cushions 02

1 comment:

Heidi said...

It's like me looking at quilt patterns. I'll probably never learn to do it properly, but there are SO many I like - but can you ever have too many pillows or quilts or anything? You can always give them away or send them to Church Humanitarian services or keep them for your kids to take away.
I didn't offend you with my last email, did I? I didn't intend to.