Tuesday, December 27, 2011

live the abundant life

here's one of my latest wall art pieces...

i was inspired by President Monson's message in the January 2012 ensign. i wanted a way to remember his challenge all year long, so i made this piece of art to display in our living room. i started out with a black and white version before playing around with the colours to match our decor.

i think it's so awesome, i want to share it with whoever wants it. if you would like a copy, either black and white or custom colours, please email me (lindsayladwig(at)gmail.com) and i'll be glad to send you a high res file that you can print yourself! unless i suddenly get innundated with 100s of people, i'll do this for free.

the file is meant to be printed on an 8x10, but if you would like different dimensions, i'll be happy to alter it for you. though i may have to charge a fee!

enjoy! and watch out for my other word art pieces throughout the coming year.

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