Tuesday, August 9, 2011

beginner's luck happens

i have to give a shout-out for one of my favourite bloggers. i joined in an embroidery quilt along with Clover & Violet, and am thoroughly enjoying it. i blogged about my first couple of blocks, and even entered for their giveaway. and i won! i hadn't entered a lot of giveaways before then, so it was kinda a case of beginner's luck. and this was my prize. i was so excited to receive it when it came. yay!

but not only that. and this is why Clover & Violet are so wonderful. she even sent me some scrappy supplies to make my own ruffle coin purse! BONUS! i can tell already that she's one of those rare gems that goes above and beyond her duties. THANK YOU!!

and this morning, i sat and sewed it together. i think i need to work on my zipper tabs a little more, but i'm really happy with my first attempt. also, i didn't have a ruffly-making machine foot; this was all manual folding! not bad, eh?

so go and visit Clover & Violet and see what they have going. they have some AWESOME tutorials. ;)

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