Thursday, May 26, 2011

Picnic Quilt

for my birthday, i treated myself to my first fabric precuts from moda. i was desperate to get my hands on some moda. anyway, i recently discovered green fairy quilts and their online store, and it just so happened that they had a sale on around my birthday. so for the price of one 'charm pack' i got two! :)

Grand Finale seemed like a great choice. my kind of colours! i love these autumnal shades, and the blue and purple thrown in. they looked awesome!

i also came across this pattern on the moda bakeshop website, so i cut a few more 5" x 5" squares from my own stash to fill in the necessary gaps, et voila! a beautiful quilt.

[apologies for the rubbish picture above. my camera choice wasn't optimal and i have limited space to get a good angle...]

it's not quite large enough to put on a bed, nor is it small enough to have on a child's bed, so it's going to be my picnic/general use quilt. it's perfect because it's just what i imagine a typical american quilt to look like. anywho, it's yet to be quilted... it'll be a little while til that happens, so i decided to post this picture now. better pictures to come when it's finished!

i'm one happy chick today! :)


Sian said...

just found your blog...i love this quilt! you're right, i think it is a typical american quilt. love the colours. i need to get back to blogging. sadly it is quite low down on my to do list at the moment :-( i barely have time to actually make stuff, much less blog about it. do love browsing others' blogs though, and now i'm adding yours to the list. keep up the good work :-)

Lindsay said...

thanks Sian. i can imagine it's hard to find the time. i think i'm doing all the crafting i can, while i still can... kids take up a ton of time, huh? one day, that'll be me too! :) How are you anyway?! we'll have to pop by and say hello sometime!