Thursday, May 24, 2012

it's been a while!

so i have a quick update in my craftiness. since school got out for me, i've been busy working on unfinished projects. i have a few well under way now. i had way more pictures to post, but they didn't turn out so well in the evening light, so more photos later! but here's a snippit:

i really needed a cover of some sort for my kitchenaid which my kind and generous brother bought me last year. i couldn't stand it collecting dust when i'm not using it (i had been just covering it with a kitchen tea towel...) so i went online and got some inspiration. i found a few designs that i liked and whipped up this beaut. i LOVE IT!! i'm using my Joel Dewberry Heirloom fabrics to brighten up my kitchen. i have several other creations planned, maybe with a tutorial or two... what would you like to see made for a kitchen?

i've lately fallen in love with nanaCompany. i LOVE Amy's cute little projects and designs. they're sooooo sweet! have you seen her Sweet Dreams Little One pillow? i saw it and knew i had to make one. like, immediately. since i had the perfect amount of Pure charm squares left, i made one and put a boy twist on it. i promise to take some better pictures soon and post about that one.

and finally, (for now)

the cutting is well under way. i should finish it all tonight (the cutting and prepping for sewing). these bags are for my blog winners from ages ago. sorry it's taking so long ladies! you'll have your bags very soon. i promise. but the question is, which one will you get?


Melinda said...

Love that!

annemarie said...

What beautiful projects - love the little baby boy pillow.

Megan said...

Ooh, ooh, I'd love a kitchen-aid cozy tutorial & maybe a crockpot cover, too? =) Your projects turned out lovely as usual! Hurray for extra time now that school's out!